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The Best Speech Therapy

R is urrr not arrrWhen Gabriel first began speech therapy at 3 years old, I brought him in for a 30-minute session once a week. It didn’t seem like much, but that’s what was being offered by our public school district. And since we could not afford to pay for private speech therapy, we were glad to get something. During that 30 minute period, I would sit in the corner of the room, quietly observing and madly taking notes, because I knew that speech therapy was going to be as much for me as it was for Gabriel. Speech therapy was not supposed to be reduced to simply those 30 minutes in that windowless office. It was going to happen the rest of the day and the rest of the week, and during those times, I was Gabriel’s speech therapist. It was up to me to take all that I could glean from those sessions and insert them into our everyday lives.

Gabriel has, since then, seen two other speech therapists. I truly appreciate all that they have done to help our son and our family. They gave us a lot of guidance and answered many of our questions about his development. However, I have discovered that the best speech therapy for Gabriel has been the everyday, unplanned, and even unexpected encounters with the people and circumstances around him.

Since the speech therapists followed the public school schedule, we would have a whole summer of not having any formal therapy. However, these were the times that Gabriel seemed to improve the most in his speech and language development. I have no explanation but this: we have a sovereign God working in our son, orchestrating every detail of his growth and development, and nothing escapes His notice.

(Photo credit: Jagrap)

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