Savoring Simple Moments

Savoring the Simple Moments

Black is myfavorite!“Guess how many jelly beans are in the jar.” At the Kids’ Club, Gabriel’s guess was the closest to the actual number. He was grinning from ear to ear, proudly holding up the nerf ball that he received as the prize. It was so nice to see him smile. Often, he is so hard on himself, a perfectionist at such a young age. Even in his speech, when he has difficulty putting into words what he is thinking, he begins to stutter. The frustration can be too much to bear for someone so young. So, simple moments like winning a jelly bean contest is an occasion for us to celebrate and rejoice.

There are a number of simple and sweet moments in any given day, but because life can move at lightning speed, we can fail to notice most of them. Children notice them. They are not moving quite as fast as we are yet. But they also notice when we don’t notice them. I’ve been guilty of giving them the perfunctory “That’s nice, sweetie” because I was too busy to stop and see what they wanted to show me. And, they can tell my attention is not on them … they don’t hesitate to tell me that.

“The days are long, but the years are short.” This was in a comic strip I came across a few years ago that was about raising children. It’s so true though. When they are so young, everything, from sleeping through the night to talking, seems to take forever. But when you’re done with one phase in your child’s life, you look back and realize how fast it was. I know I need to cherish my time with my children during these “long days” before I suddenly find myself in the “short years”.


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10 thoughts on “Savoring the Simple Moments”

  1. You wrote about long days. On the other end of the spectrum, by the grace of God and a loving and patient wife, I’ve been married 42 years. My thought is the somewhat the same as yours, how can something so long seem so short? God bless you and yours and may you have a blessed Easter..

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