Truly an Honor

When I was around 9 years old, my family received an anonymous chain letter in the mail. I don’t remember what most of it said, but I do remember that at the end of the letter, we were instructed to send a copy of it to 10 more people or we will have bad luck for the next 10 years. I was a pretty superstitious kid, so that letter left me quite terrified.

Chain letters have become quite sophisticated nowadays, evolving within the blogosphere into Blog Awards. But instead of some cruel joke that incites irrational fears, they have become a wonderful vehicle to commend, support, and encourage others in the blogging community. I certainly felt honored to receive two nominations for Blog Awards. When I began this blog, I really wanted a place to journal the things that God is teaching me, and perhaps, in the process, encourage others who are in the same trenches. I have been praying that God would use this as He wills, in order to bring glory to His name. I’m thankful for the few that have been reading this blog already. If the Lord brings more, praise Him, because all things, including this site, belong to Him.

20130311-162127.jpgThe first award I will mention is the “Best Moment Award”, kindly given by Mingo Momma. Like me, she is a homeschooling mom and every time she posts about that topic, I am constantly nodding my head in agreement. However, unlike me, she has amazing-looking recipes that I am so eager to try. Cooking is not my strength so I try to learn as much from those who do it well!

20130311-162134.jpgThe second is the Liebster Blog Award, for which I was nominated by Simplicity By Choice. Homeschooling her two youngest children, including her son with Classic Autism, she has inspired me in my own journey as a mom. Part of being nominated for the Liebster Blog Award means I get to answer some questions given to me by this amazing woman.

Who inspires you? My husband because he serves others tirelessly unto The Lord. My children because through their eyes, I discover new things again.
What is the hardest part about blogging, if any? Time. There is more in my head than I have time to write about.
What is your favorite quote? “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him” – John Piper
What is your favorite dessert? Triple chocolate mousse cake
What skill do you wish you had taken the time to learn when you were growing up? Swimming. Maybe I can take lessons with my kids 🙂
What is the one activity you wish you had the time to pursue? Learn how to swim and overcome my fears.
If money was no issue, where would you like to travel? Anywhere tropical, but I would probably stay away from the water 🙂
What is your favorite holiday? Christmas
What is your favorite pastime? Baking
What book are you currently reading? “Feminine Appeal” by Caroline Mahaney
Do you play a musical instrument? Not really. I’ve tried to learn the piano and guitar, but I’m just not musically inclined.

I’ll often read blogs that make me laugh, smile, cry, think, and see the world in ways I never have before. And sometimes, I wish I could reach out through the computer and give you all a hug. But I suppose a nomination for a blog award would suffice. So below are my nominations. I’m still a bit confused about all the criteria for giving, receiving, and posting about blog awards, so please forgive me if I’m breaking a lot of rules here. I know the main idea of these awards is an opportunity to express an appreciation for what the blog authors share. If your blog is listed below, I am nominating you for both the Liebster and Best Moment Awards. Please know that I did not create this list randomly. All of them have affected me in some way. I don’t know any of these blog authors personally, but they have given me a window into their world. And if I ever meet any of them in person, I have no doubt that we would have so much to talk about.

To the winners: If you would like to pay it forward, you can post about these awards on your blog with your own set of nominations. One of the rules for the Liebster Blog Award is to post your answers to the questions above that I answered. I love this because I have an opportunity to get to know you all better.


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4 thoughts on “Truly an Honor”

  1. I just wanted to tell you that you made my day. I was having one of those days. The kind that makes me wonder if I have what it takes to truly make a difference in another’s life. I was saddened by the thought, then I heard a ding from my ipad. I looked and saw your nomination and your words of encouragement. I am humbled and honored. God’s timing is amazing. Thank you for sending such kind thoughts my way. Blessings, Elizabeth

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