Savoring Simple Moments

Has Your Child Made You Smile Today?

I went to the kitchen this morning, and on my fridge, I found my little man’s drawing but with another minor improvement. This made me smile.


If you didn’t read the previous post, this drawing is of Mount Rushmore. We recently borrowed a bunch of Dr. Seuss books from the library, and I see that my Gabriel couldn’t resist changing his drawing just a bit. For you Dr. Seuss fans out there, you know what I’m talking about.

Has something made you smile today? I would challenge you to share it with someone … blog about it or write it in your journal. Commit it to memory, remember it tomorrow, and smile again.

4 thoughts on “Has Your Child Made You Smile Today?”

  1. That is precious!!! Not sure if my kids made me smile, but this did!! I love your idea about recording it to smile again. So true. So sweet.

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