Savoring Simple Moments


What is a zerbert? According to Wiktionary, a zerbert is “the sound that occurs when someone places the mouth against the skin (commonly the stomach or cheek) and blows.” The word was originally coined on an episode of The Cosby Show back in the 1980s. Click below for the clip.


Some people also call them “raspberries”, but my husband and I grew up watching The Cosby Show every Thursday night, so we prefer Mr. Cosby’s term. Why in the world am I writing about zerberts? Because my kids love them and this is a “Savoring Simple Moments” thing that I want to etch in my mind.

One afternoon, I was ushering the children into their room for rest time. I plopped my 2-year-old on the bed, lifted up his shirt, buried my face in his pot belly, and gave a good blow. Almost instantly, the rest of my children chimed in all at once, “My turn! Can I get a zerbert too?” Even my 7-year-old Gabriel was asking for it. I climbed up the ladder to the top of the bunk bed, where he was already giggling from the anticipation. Is he getting too old for zerberts? I don’t know if I want to hear the answer to that question … he will always be my baby.

There’s nothing like a zerbert, especially after a long and frantic day, like yesterday. And when I hear that uncontrollable laughter from my children, it’s music to my ears.

6 thoughts on “Zerberts!”

  1. Thank you for bringing back some wonderful memories of when our children were smaller. We have found new ways to goof around as they have gotten older… but the feel of each soft tummy is a sweet memory!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    1. Yes, God has been reminding me to cherish those simple moments now rather than wait for those grand events later. I want to thank you because your blog has been instrumental in helping me to see that.

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