Savoring Simple Moments

The 2-Minute Movie

Though my son, Gabriel, has some unusual obsessions for a child his age (U.S. Presidents and the Mona Lisa, just to name two), he also likes what any 7-year-old would be interested in. My husband found the following movie trailer based on the recently released Iron Man 3. It combines two of Gabriel’s favorite things: superheroes and LEGO®. It’s actually quite good.

Because of this newfound passion, you will find, around our house, many of Gabriel’s drawings of Iron Man, Tony Stark, his “great girl”, and “his friend”.


His daddy asked him if he wanted to go see the movie, but he declined and is perfectly content with watching the trailer. Trailers have the best scenes anyway, and they’re free!

I guess we won’t be seeing you at the movies. Happy Friday!

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