Thankful Thursday

I really do like the idea of passing on blog awards. It’s a great way to make someone’s day, and I can testify to that. It’s also a meaningful gift, and (I have to say this because of my frugal tendencies) it’s free! Some of your great blogs I have found through others’ blog award nominations, so I know what a great way it is to connect with others.

However, finding time for this busy mom to post about it has proven to be more and more challenging. But, I would like to take this time to recognize and thank these fellow bloggers for nominating this space for various awards. Though this post is not an official acceptance of the nominations since I’m not following the rules, I wanted to extend my appreciation to these bloggers, not only for reading my blog, but also for what they write on theirs. Thank you!

Lessons by Heart
Clay Tablets
Kerri Chronicles
His Eye is on This Sparrow
Knitting with Heart
Waiting on a Word

God bless and for those in the U.S., Happy 4th!

15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday”

  1. Free things are great! When I was a single mom, I often had to look around for any extra change I could find to help me make it through the week so I appreciate frugality! I am honored you included me in your list! Your blog has also been a blessing to me.

  2. Thank you so much for including me in this lovely list of blogs! I love finding new, wholesome blogs. Blog awards are a great vehicle for that! But then the growing list gets more challenging to keep up with… And since I don’t even have kids to distract me, I admire your blogging efforts all the more! ❤

  3. Thank you, I can sure understand being too busy.
    I pray the Lord will allow for some rest this weekend for you and the family.
    But of course the Mom doesn’t get a weekend off does she?

    God bless


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