IQ Tests, Shopping, and First Day of School

Raven's Progressive Matrices ExampleGabriel has a keen attention to visual detail. When he was being evaluated by our former charter school, the school psychologist would present a picture with shapes and patterns. Only after a few seconds of looking at the picture, he was given 4 similar pictures with very slight differences. He was required to point out from the four which one he was originally looking at. The patterns got increasingly complicated. As I sat there observing, I had a hard time myself remembering which picture it was, but one after another, Gabriel pointed out the right answer. Was he guessing? Even the psychologist gave me a quick look of unbelief. I know there’s so much going on in his mind that I don’t yet understand and perhaps, may never understand. For wisdom in raising and instructing my son, I trust in the One who made him and his beautiful mind. Only God knows the depths of what even the experts cannot grasp.

Sometimes, his attention to detail can be challenging for me. There are times when he wants to re-create an event but to the exact detail that he remembers, and I must admit that it drives me up the wall. It takes so much patience to explain to him that it’s not always possible for things to happen in exactly the same way as before.

The other day, we were out shopping at the office store for some school supplies. Trips to the store have to be quick for me because there are far too many things on the shelves tempting my four little ones. After buying 2 reams of paper, we head back to the car. The kids get distracted by a ladybug on the sidewalk. I pull my 2-year old out of the shopping cart, quickly open the car doors, throw my purse onto the front seat, and herd my children into the car. Just when I start backing up the car, Gabriel startles me, “Mommy, you forgot this one!” What now? I was thinking it was one of those detail things he wants me to re-enact. I turned in the direction he was pointing, and there, on the shopping cart, were my 2 reams of paper. If it wasn’t for Gabriel’s observant eyes, I would’ve gone home, kicking myself for leaving them on the cart.

School SuppliesOn our way home from the store, we drove past a local elementary school, and I noticed the marquee: “First Day of School, August 19”. Sigh. I had hoped to start homeschooling again earlier this month, but …

Anyway, it’s almost August, and I need to put an end to my procrastination. So much for a year-round schedule. Lessons need to be planned. More school supplies need to be purchased. Cabinets need to be organized. I was just having too much fun this summer, and so were my kids.

Besides planning for school, there are so many other things to get done. Can you relate? To do lists never end. When tasks pile up, I can easily get overwhelmed. To avoid that, I must make some choices about what needs to go. So as much as I love writing here regularly and look forward to reading your comments, I will be taking a break. Thank you to those who regularly come to this space as well as those who visit for the first time! And thank you for welcoming me to your world as I visit your sites. I will miss my little bloggy neighborhood. But I will be back. πŸ™‚


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23 thoughts on “IQ Tests, Shopping, and First Day of School”

  1. I can relate to all the planning, preparing and busyness that comes with homeschooling. Sometimes I wonder now how I did it and why I seem to have less time now than I did then! Praying for you and your family for this upcoming school year.

  2. What a powerful testimony to being intentional with your time. I’m encouraged and inspired sister as I too move forward into my school yr with the kids and the addition if our twins! πŸ™‚

  3. You have made a wise – and difficult – choice which we all can support. I myself find it difficult to consistently blog just because some days I am doing good to stand upright! And right now, my Alzheimer’s husband is reaching his final laps – and writing, I am not!
    Enjoy your hiatus in the “real” world (ha!) and we will look forward to your return. I can’t imagine so many kids – you must be a real hero! Blessings, Claudia

  4. With you pouring into Gabriel’s world, he is bound to be a child who will do great things. Keep up the good work!

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