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Worthy is the Lamb


Is it possible to have a deep and intimate relationship with someone you have never seen and never touched? With Jesus Christ, I have experienced a relationship unlike any earthly relationships I have today or will ever have. Though I have not seen him with my own eyes, He has given me the Bible, where He has revealed Himself to me. In words that I can grasp, He has given me pictures of Himself so that I may understand in a deeper way who He is. I would have to say that the most precious picture He has given me is that of the Good Shepherd. Last summer, I began a series on Psalm 23 in conjunction with the lessons that my husband taught at our bible study group. Seeing more clearly who this Shepherd is, I can testify how He has tenderly led me to still waters, green pastures, and dark valleys. I can admit my proneness to wander and fear, but attest to the Shepherd’s protection through it all. I finished up this series on the psalm only a few months ago, but the lessons to be learned from this precious picture of my Lord is far from over. He continues to prove to me day after day, what a faithful, ever present, soul-satisfying Shepherd He is to me.

Recently, while visiting at a friend’s house, I noticed a framed photograph on the wall with the following verse.

“For the Lamb in the midst of the throne will be their shepherd, and he will guide them to springs of living water, and God will wipe away every tear from their eyes.” (Revelation 7:17)

The Good Shepherd 130Here, in this life, we can experience our Shepherd’s leading. Are you tired, hungry, and parched from the burdens of this world? Today, He can refresh and feed you. He can make you lie down because He knows when rest is needed. He can pick you up and carry you when you feel like you can’t take another step. He can protect you from the enemies that are seeking to devour you.

What’s more, you can eagerly await that glorious day when this Shepherd will bring you to your last stop in your journey. There, He will direct you to eternal waters … founts that will never run dry … springs that will refresh and satisfy you forevermore. And on this day, you will discover that your Shepherd was not just a shepherd. He was also the Lamb who was slain for you. But there’s more … And let this image be forever on the forefront of your mind, for you will never see anything like this in all your days in this life. But one day, you will behold with your own eyes that …

… this Lamb is also King (Revelation 17:14).

Dear sheep, bow down and worship your King!


(Photo credit: Waiting for The Word)

7 thoughts on “Worthy is the Lamb”

  1. Amen…. I am so glad He chose to reveal Himself to us, not only through the prophets and His Word, but also through His incarnation— becoming one of us, yet perfect.

  2. What a wonderful post … You are so right. It’s amazing how we can know Him so well, though we have never met Him (face to face). Thanks so much for this beautiful post!

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