Savoring Simple Moments


LegoSometimes, our house seems like it’s flooded with LEGO® bricks. For Gabriel, it is usually his first choice of play. Remember the cardboard box containing his LEGO world. He still has one, though the world has changed. But every morning, he goes to his box, fiddles with it a bit, and makes a few changes that only he would notice.

Most LEGO sets have a specific theme and instructions to build what appears on the box. And though that is what will be on display in our house for a few weeks, the intricate model eventually falls apart. We either try to put it back together again (but usually, by then, Gabriel has lost interest), or the pieces just get dumped into the huge toy bin.

One day, Gabriel remembered a Space Shuttle LEGO set and wanted me to help him re-create it. We saved the instructions, but what good is that when I was staring at an enormous box of bricks of all shapes, colors, and sizes? The task seemed impossible. So before we began, I put the kids to work, sorting everything by color. This was no easy chore, but they did it without complaint. Soon enough, we were able to construct that Space Shuttle once again.

20140127-165320.jpgCall me fastidious, but I love how our LEGO toys are neatly organized now. If you are a parent of avid LEGO fans and are trying to figure out how to get a handle on those pesky, tiny pieces, I highly recommend storing everything by color.

Gabriel never wanted to create anything of his own imagination. Bound by the instructions in the box, it took him a while to realize there was a whole world of creativity to discover with this popular toy. But one day, the idea sparked in his mind. He got to work, looking for the specific pieces, and it was so much easier for him with everything color-sorted.

Can you tell what he made? This is a fully-equipped kitchen with state-of-the-art refrigerator and stove, including a cute little dining table set for three and a modern clock to finish off the decor.


And no house would be complete without a luxurious bathroom.


His creation may not make it in the next issue of LEGO Club magazine, but it has a special place here on Especially Made.


(Photo credit 1: Slack pics)

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8 thoughts on “Bricks”

  1. Oh, dear one, what a sweet and gentle reminder for me today. I am almost in tears, as I consider the Bible my “Instruction Book” … How great of our Father, to give us a perfect glimpse of the end result … but also give us the freedom to be creative with the pieces He places before us. Thanks for this post today! (what a blessing to have such a gem of a son in your life 🙂 )

    1. It is you I should thank for both your comments here and your posts on your site. In your words and photographs, you continually spur me on to sit at the feet of our Savior. God bless you, sister!

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