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Not Just Another Sunday School Class

The Lord is my shepherdThis past Sunday, we were faced with a challenge. We checked in our children in their respective Sunday School classes and joined the rest of the congregation at the worship service. Just when the sermon began, one of Gabriel’s teachers came in and pulled my husband out. I sat there, quietly praying that whatever the issue was, my husband would be able to handle it by God’s grace. He came back a few minutes later and whispered, “It’s okay. He just needed to go to the bathroom and needed some help.” A few more minutes passed, and my husband was called out again. And once more, I prayed silently at my seat. Another usher came back and motioned for me to come with him. Oh no, I thought. This doesn’t look good. When I walked out into the foyer, a few more ushers pointed in the direction where my husband went. He was standing outside the student center with Gabriel, and as I came closer, I noticed he was struggling to keep him still.

It turns out that while Gabriel was in the bathroom, the rest of the class continued with their activities. By the time Gabriel had finished and joined the class, they were doing something completely different from when he first left the room. This was a difficult transition for him. He wanted the class to be the way it was before. We finally had to pull him out of class. Stuck in that specific point in time, we could tell he would be unable to calm down. One of his teachers gave me a reassuring hug before we left and prayed for us. She and her husband have been truly an encouragement to us these past three years that they have had Gabriel in their class. They have never made us feel bad about Gabriel’s meltdowns, though I know they have created quite a stir in the class. The next day, she called to let me know they are praying for us, and they made themselves available for any help that we may need.

How important it is for us to come alongside one another! A hug, a prayer, a timely Bible verse of encouragement. We need each other. It’s easy for us to just turn the other way, limit our involvement, and move on with our own lives. But, God adopted us into His family. He made each of us a member of the body of Christ.

DSC_8457After we left the classroom that Sunday, the three of us walked back to our car. Our emotions were high, and my husband and I needed some time to calm our hearts as much as Gabriel did. After incidents like this, we are usually so prone to discouragement. But while we were in the car, people were praying … the two teachers as well as the children in his class. God heard and answered their intercessions. In the past, Gabriel would be inconsolable, and my husband would have to spend the remainder of the morning in the car with him. But this was not the case on that Sunday morning. The Lord flooded both my husband and I with peace, and our Gabriel, who had been screaming in his classroom just a few minutes prior, was instantly calm and quiet.

We were able to return to the building with our son and hear God’s Word preached. God is good!


(Photo credit 1: Tojosan)
(Photo credit 2: caddy_corner)

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