Savoring Simple Moments

Rhyme Time

Final presentation Grilled Shrimp dish_5998631876_lA few years ago, to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my husband took me to a popular local seafood restaurant. He knows how much I love seafood and that at almost every restaurant I go to, the first thing I usually consider ordering is some kind of shrimp dish. After a wonderful dinner, we headed to our next destination: a rap concert. Yes, that’s right, a rap concert. Most of you don’t know me personally, but I am not a big rap fan. So, why did I agree to do this on our very special day? Shai Linne was in town!

But … I still did not know who this guy was, and though there was excitement in the air when we walked through the doors and handed our tickets, I was still not sure I was going to enjoy this. If you don’t know Shai Linne, he is not so much a rapper as he is a Christian with the God-given talent of explaining deep theological truths in rhyme form. If you ever listen to his music, you may say, “It’s still rap to me.” But, whether or not you’re a fan of rap and hip-hop, listen closely and take a good look at his lyrics, and you will find more biblical truths in them than in some of the popular songs out there in Christian radio. On that anniversary day, my husband assured me I would not be disappointed, and I have become a fan since then.

Do you know who else are Shai Linne fans in our home? Our four children. I wanted to share with you their favorite rap song. It really reminds me of the book we’re reading together, Little Pilgrim’s Progress, which I shared about in my previous post. The song is called Penelope Judd and is introduced on the CD with the words of C.S. Lewis: “A children’s story that can only be enjoyed by children is not a good children’s story in the slightest.”

This is a cute video that someone made for the song, and my children often request to watch it. Enjoy!

“Off we go with no delay
Don’t let nobody try to make you stay
We’re gonna see the King, we’re on our way
And all the old things gon’ pass away”



(Photo credit: Breville USA)

14 thoughts on “Rhyme Time”

  1. Wow!!! Thank you for this wonderful introduction!! Happy Belated Birthday! I hope you are enjoying for new stAGE to the fullest eating lots of shrimp, fish, all things seafood…

    Gods love and blessings!! Excited to share this video with my children and the children from the neighborhood… The doorbell will be ringing soon. xoxoxo

  2. Love it! What a special blessing for your special day! That your husband knew you well enough to know with confidence that you and your children would find a blessing makes it even more of a treasure.

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