Savoring Simple Moments


Ukulele 102About 6 years ago, my in-laws came back from a vacation in Hawaii with a special gift for Gabriel, a deep brown, shiny ukulele. At the time, Gabriel was only 2 years old, but it was his grandpa’s desire that he would, one day, learn how to play that beautiful instrument. Of course, at the peak of his Terrible Two’s stage, he was interested in playing with the uke but not exactly as it was intended to be handled. Today, he still likes this stringed instrument but may not be ready to sit through lessons. He prefers to rock out his own way. 🙂

Thanks to those fine people who post tutorials on You Tube, my husband has learned to play the ukulele a bit. Perhaps, after watching his dad play, it may capture Gabriel’s interest enough to want to learn how to play.

Here’s a video that features two of Gabriel’s favorites: the ukulele and Steven Curtis Chapman. Happy Friday and remember to savor the simple moments in life!



(Photo credit: Edwin M Escobar)

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4 thoughts on “Strum”

  1. What a blessing that your husband has an interest in learning to play. My niece is taking violin lessons, and the teacher uses the Suzuki method whereby a parent’s involvement is crucial. Young children often want to try things their parents enjoy doing. Teens sometimes do, too, if they have a close relationship with and respect for the parent(s). For example, I know of a young man who followed in his father’s footsteps by becoming a firefighter just like his dad. Go dad! 🙂

    1. I agree! When I was a child, I really looked up to my dad. I listened to the music he liked, copied his mannerisms, watched sports with him, and even tried to copy his handwriting.

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