I’m Back!!

 Perhaps my enthusiasm will only be met by the virtual chirping of crickets. My supposed “Last Post” for this blog was almost 3 years ago! So, if any of you are still with me and have not removed this site from your subscriptions, let me know.

Well, a lot has happened in the past 3 years, and I’ll try to summarize as best as I could.

Mother of 5

We added another one to our little clan almost 2 years ago. Our baby girl brightens up our home, and not a single one in our family would protest if I told you she is everyone’s favorite.

Once a blogger …

When I flicked the lights off this site, it was actually a relief. It was freeing not to have to think about the next post. But it wasn’t long before the itch to write became unbearable.

I started another blog, a very different one from this. I actually entered the world of income-earning mommy blogs … ok, a few bucks earned for sponsored posts wasn’t exactly enough to be considered income. With the cost of running my own site, I probably just broke even. But I don’t consider it a waste but rather, a helpful, learning experience. If anything, I realized that though I may take breaks here and there, once a blogger, always a blogger.

What’s in a Diagnosis?

Around the time that I shut down this blog, we were readying ourselves for another round of evaluations, assessments, and therapies. At 8 years old, our son was diagnosed with auditory processing disorder, and this certainly explained a lot of things for us and allowed us to get a better grasp on how he processes information and communicates.

However, there still appears to be a long road ahead of us. We cannot shake this feeling that there is something else there besides auditory processing. It has been a roller coaster ride no thrill-seeker would desire to board. Yet, here we are, seat belts fastened and bracing ourselves for what’s to come and hoping that at the end of the ride are some answers we’ve been seeking.

“Hello, my name is …”

When I first started this blog, I wanted to be anonymous. I even used a pen name, but then quickly removed it because it just felt weird to have readers refer to me by a different name, especially since I shared so much of my heart in these posts. I also changed other people’s names every time I shared particular stories, being extremely concerned about the privacy of others … not to mention wanting to keep internet stalkers at bay.

Ever since the notion to revive this blog surfaced, I knew I wanted to start with a proper introduction …

Hello, my name is Aileen. I have 5 children, and my oldest is named Owen. Welcome to a slice of my world.

13 thoughts on “I’m Back!!”

  1. Welcome back — and congratulations on your baby girl! Sometimes a person does need to take a break from attending to a blog, but I find the inspirations keep coming whether we want a break or not. πŸ™‚

  2. I, too, have returned to my blog after over a year away. I remember loving your blog when I was most active on here – so it’s funny that we should chose to return on the same day. I look forward to reading your posts!

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