Meet Me

Hi! I’m Aileen. Thank you for stopping by my blog!

I’m married to an amazing and godly man, whose desire is to bring glory to His Savior in every aspect of his life. We have 5 beautiful children, who give us an endless supply of thought-provoking questions,  unique commentaries on life, sweet hugs and kisses, and unrestrained belly laughter.

Back in 2012, I remember a particular day when everything around me seemed to unravel. I felt alone in my struggles with my child. At that time, he was diagnosed with severe language delays, but these challenges seeped into other areas, such as behavior and social interaction. I had read books, attended conferences, and talked with others who faced the same issues, but in the end, the conflicts within me were all my own.

Like many folks in despair, I turned to Google. But typing in, “My child has special needs and I don’t know what to do” was not going to yield the results I wanted. Rather, the answers about my child, about me, and how this all fits into God’s grand scheme of things lay in the pages of my Bible.

I wanted a place to record these life lessons, so that I can look back on these, especially given that my stubborn self needs to learn many of these lessons repeatedly. And perhaps, you too were desperate enough to entrust Google to bring you to a place of answers, but in God’s sovereignty, you arrived here. My prayer is that you will discover hope and encouragement as you tread down this path made just for you.

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